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Daniel. 22. Perth, Australia

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frozen waves on lake Ontario
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Sleepless Nights by Haakon Nygaard
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In Green Company by Max R
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Manhattan Blue by (WanderingtheWorld)
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jump_Jossiah by (emily▲patton)
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I was here for just a moment by (Jeen Na)
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Best Friends|By Elena Shumilova

If you live in Perth come to Amplifer at 8pm

My band is playing at 8:30, along with Finders, I Said The Sparrow and We Are The Emergency

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|Sicilia, Italia|
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My photo re-uploaded without credit…again.. ughPhoto by Digital Future / Louis MacLean

Just ridiculous you’re an incredible photographer
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Among the Swiss Alps | July 2013 | Canon AE-1
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